Apr 122012

Selling your gold or silver jewelry will always be a pleasant and profitable experience with Bradenton’s honest gold buyer, Dick Wallis. Some people sell gold to augment their income while others sell their gold due to lack of financial resources. But whatever your reason for selling your gold, it is always advised to deal with an experienced local gold buyer.

How will you know if you are trading with an honest and experienced gold buyer? Here are the characteristics you should look for:

  • Sell your gold and receive higher payout. An honest gold buyer will offer you the true value for how much your gold is really worth. All gold buyers claim they pay high. To ensure that you are getting the real value for your items, it is always smart that you check the spot price of gold which is always on our website.
  • Sell your gold with confidence. Bring your gold to an honest gold buyer with full confidence and without any obligation to sell.  You should expect an honest appraisal and a fair offer representing the true value of your gold.  A reputable gold buyer treats every customer with the utmost respect and professionalism.
  • Sell your gold and earn extra cash. In addition to exchanging your gold items for cash, you can earn a referral bonus. When you refer your family and friends to sell gold to Bradenton Cash for Gold, you will receive a 10% referral fee for everything they sell to Bradenton Cash for Gold

Sell your gold to an reputable gold buyer with many years of experience like Bradenton Cash for Gold.

Why Should You Sell Your Gold to Bradenton Cash for Gold?

Bradenton Cash for Gold pays the right amount for your gold. Your gold, silver, or other valuables are carefully tested and evaluated so that you will receive the true worth of your precious metals.

Bradenton Cash for Gold buys gold discreetly or privately. If you need to sell your gold or other valuables, you can drop by the Bradenton Cash for Gold shop Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm or call for a private appointment.

Bradenton Cash for Gold is gold buyer. Bradenton Cash for Gold has been in the gold trading business for 32 years now.  Bradenton Cash for Gold does a lot of repeat business because the customers like the way they are treated and how much they are paid for their other valuables. They also like the way Bradenton Cash for Gold always explains the complete buying process to all first time customers. Bradenton Cash for Gold is always committed to treat its customers with honesty, fairness, and respect.

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